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Sales phrase emphasizing the benefit

Business Mapping

A short, powerful hook statement that shares the clear outcome prospects can expect from your program. Grab your ideal client’s attention and spark their curiosity!


A short sentence that hooks your prospect to watch your video.
Examples: Why [PROGRAM NAME]?, Ready to [RESULT]?,
Struggling to [PAIN POINT]? Watch this.

tell me, is this you?

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1. Three to six bullet points listing your ideal client’s most important pain points or desired results they WANT, but are struggling to get.
2. What are they struggling with or missing? What’s holding them back?
3. Think about what your program provides and work backwards to find the core problems your offering solves.
4. Example: “You’re tired of being passed up for a promotion year after year, despite working overtime.”
5. Example: “You struggle with staying consistent with your YouTube channel, and your views are steadily declining.”
6. Example: “You find it almost impossible to save money and build wealth, no matter how hard you try”

We can help you take your business to the next level

Three to six bullet points listing the most beneficial
outcomes of your service. What will your idea customer
learn, gain or achieve?

What are their biggest desires that your program can
help them unlock?

Example: “You finally have a pay grade that matches the
value you bring to your workplace.”

Example: “Getting more views on Youtube becomes
effortless, because you have a workflow that works
FOR you and not against you.”

Example: “You’re able to step into your fullest potential
and no longer second-guess who you are and the value
you provide.”


Increase Sales and Leads

We’ll help you create proven lead generation strategies to boost conversions and generate more sales.

Get A Competitive Advantage

Identify your target audience and connect with potential customers effectively for better results.

Target The Right Customers

Identifying your target audience and connect with potential customers effectively for better results.

Introducing Program Name


“Simon’s agency really helped us built a great WordPress website and now they’re working on improving our overall search rankings. Highly recommended!“
Alan Leung
Alan Leung
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What's Inside

Business Mapping

A bulleted list of 3-6 points summarizing the program’s features and how it all works.
For example: How many  modules? Are there calls  included?
Is there a private community attached? What type of access, lifetime or specific container?
This is an opportunity to summarize the type of tangible benefits they receive from investing in your program!

What Else Do You Get?

We’ve packed crazy value into this offer, get it while it lasts!

Video Trainings

Over the shoulder training taking you step by step through advanced market positioning strategies.



Agency Positioning Blueprint

A proven framework to hone in on a highly profitable "niche" and how to become a "one of one" agency.



Agency Offer Design Workbook

A simple system to create offers that prospects can't say no to. Use this system to increase your impact and build a wild profitable service.



Inner Circle Slack Community

A private community to get 1 on 1 help from our Blueprint growth consultants. We're standing by to guide you through this process.



When you add it all up, that’s a total real-world value of over $900.

But because I’m super excited to welcome you into the course, I’m giving you the opportunity to enroll TODAY for just…

Burning Q’s Your Fellow Course Takers Asked Before Grabbing Their Access Info On The Next Page

We update the course monthly with new content. We have a roadmap to add new modules over the next 18 months as well.

You will receive lifetime access to the training modules, tool sets and Slack Channel with a purchase of The Blueprint.

Unfortunately, no.

This course is underpriced as is…

You will get access to a private Slack community where our team is standing by to answer questions and troubleshoot issues.

The tools are listed in our Tools Page. All coaching students have special discounts for them as well.

The best time to build a web presence was yesterday. The next best time is today.

Hey, Simon here!

For those who don't know me yet, I've been working as a digital marketing consultant since 2015.

The clients whom I've helped since are business owners just like you, where their online presences were none-existent or done very poorly. But I've turned the tide around for them :)

I want to help you do the same with this course so that you can overcome whatever this COVID situation throws at you.

Let's overcome this together!
- Simon

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